“Everyone’s hard with Corona 19…” Small and medium-sized companies that succeeded in entering overseas in March

Recently, Korean small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) faced a serious financial crisis in the aftermath of the new coronavirus infection (Corona19). With the closure of airports around the world, the challenge of finding a detour occurs when exports are blocked, while domestic and exports, as well as global demand, are hit by direct hits.

In response to this, the government has implemented various policies including small and medium-sized businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large corporations, and has implemented various policies, including Arirang TV’s representative economic program, Money Monster (Director Hyun-Sun Park) In the midst of the great tribulation called Corona 19, it is drawing attention as a breakthrough to help SMEs export.

CPC, a silver-generation sanitary appliance development company, also benefited greatly after it was broadcast on the Money Monster program on the 2nd.

Earlier, we held a meeting with overseas buyers at the UAE Dubai in January and the Las Vegas Medical Equipment Show in March in the United States, but at a negligible pace. However, after appearing in Money Monster, the broadcast video was delivered, so he was able to introduce the product intuitively, and he was encouraged by the production of samples prior to official export.

According to CPC Song Soon-young, CEO, “There have been many difficulties in exporting products due to the recent international Corona 19 issue, but through this Arirang TV Money Monster program, it has been very helpful for our export channels.”

Meanwhile, good news has been heard from Arirang TV’s other program, SmartBiz Accelerators, which introduces their excellent technologies and products to help small and medium-sized companies develop new markets and strengthen their competitiveness. Ilinox, a company that makes toilet paper made of pure puff products, appeared on the SmartBiz Accelerators broadcast, and signed an export contract with American Grocery, a supermarket chain in Guam, USA, in February 2020. The month export shipment was completed.

Meanwhile,’Bizsmart with Startups’, which Arirang TV broadcast until February for a startup that wants to enter overseas to grow into a global company with the Founding Promotion Agency (Director Kim Kwang-hyun), broadcasted pumps, rose ingredients, ultra-light helmets, etc. Start-up companies with new technologies that were not in the existing market are achieving success in signing export contracts not only in Korea but also in Asia and Europe.

In particular, the representative of the company, Song, is known to have had the opportunity to introduce their excellent technology after actively trying to appear on the broadcast, asking the broadcasting and communication committee, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, etc. .

Reporter Lee Mi-na, Hankyung.com  helper@hankyung.com

Source : https://www.hankyung.com/economy/article/2020041369617