New stuff needed for the elderly-use the toilet, don’t have any more troubles!
Rehabilitation and Welfare Equipment Company “Joeun Care” Medtrade 2020 Exhibition Shows “Electric Toilet Seat”

A product that gives new hope to the elderly and patients with knee joints, which are difficult to move on their own, was born.

The main character is Joe Lift (Toilet Lift Seat) of Joeun Care Co., Ltd.(Representative Mi-hee Oh,, what Company specialized in rehabilitation and welfare equipment.

Joeun Care participated in the Las Vegas Medical Equipment Exhibition Medtrade 2020 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in the US for 2 days and 1 night from the 3rd (Tue) to the 4th (Wed). Joeun Care Co., Ltd. introduced the Toilet Lift Seat (Joeun Lift), the first FDA certification in Korea, to announce the brand in earnest.

Toilet Lift Seat (Joeun lift) assists the elderly and knee joint patients who are unable to move by their own power so that they can take care of themselves when using the toilet.

In case of emergency, it is easy to call an outsider by installing the SOS function. As an option, it was highly praised for its convenience when using the product by applying a bidet, battery pack, mobile toilet (co-mode), etc.

In addition, Joeun Care has attracted the attention of the industry by showing the development of accumulated technology know-how through many exhibitions such as HEALTHCARE in Dubai, Dubai, and REHACARE in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Meanwhile, there are currently active requests for meetings with overseas buyers, and at the Las Vegas exhibition, Booth No. Choeun Care, located at 233, seems to be able to solve customers’ questions.

Joeun Care Co., Ltd. is a sales company of CPC Co., Ltd. established in April 2006. It participates in overseas exhibitions 6~7 times a year. In doing so, it is accelerating the completion of technology.

In February 2020, through the exhibition of Toilet Lift Seats in the Northwest Auxiliary Equipment Center of Seoul, we are providing assistive device services suitable for the needs of the disabled and striving to be reborn as a specialized company for rehabilitation and welfare devices.

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Reporter Kang Hyun-joo

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