The age of 8 million people, the silver industry in the limelight. Joeun Care, a rehabilitation device specialist,’electric toilet seat’

More than 800,000 people start retiring every year… Full-scale growth of the silver industry

‘Electric toilet seat’ of Joeun Care, a company specialized in rehabilitation and welfare equipment.

The low birth rate and aging population and the resulting decline in population are shaking up the “industrial structure of Korea”.

Peter Drucker, a renowned Austrian economist, predicted that “the biggest revolution of mankind will be the’population transformation’, not the industrial revolution or the information technology (IT) revolution,” but that prediction is now being realized.

Economic experts believe that changes have already begun in Korea’s industrial sites, such as shrinking the domestic market, accelerating post-Korea, and growing the elderly business.

Consumer goods are the first industrial sector that will be shaken by low birth rate and aging population. What stands out most is the rise of the silver industry.

Companies who have noticed the rapid increase in the number of senior citizens aged 65 and over cannot miss it. The aging population of 7.76 million this year is expected to increase rapidly to △ 10.51 million in 2025 △ 12.98 million in 2030 △ 15.23 million in 2035 △ 17.2 million in 2040.

In the industry, it is predicted that the elderly Korean business will grow rapidly from next year, when the age of 2 million people aged 80 or older is reached. The National Statistical Office predicts that next year, the size of the aged-friendly industry will reach 125 trillion won, an increase of 83% compared to five years ago.

Among these, a product was born that gives new hope to the elderly and knee joint patients who are difficult to move with their own strength.

Joeun Care Co., Ltd. (CEO Mihee Oh,, a specialized rehabilitation and welfare device company, newly developed the Toy Lift Seat.

For elderly people with knee joint pain, the toilet, which has to go to the toilet several times a day, is truly a hard work.

Kim Byeong-seok (75 years old, pseudonym) living in Bundang, Gyeonggi-do, has almost worn out his knee cartilage now due to excessive exercise and work when he was young.

He said, “It is not only uncomfortable to walk, but it is also difficult to go to the toilet.”

Joeun Care Co., Ltd. participated in the Las Vegas medical equipment exhibition Medtrade 2020 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in the US for 1 night and 2 days from the 3rd (Tue) to the 4th (Wed) of last month.

At this exhibition, Joeun Care Co., Ltd. introduced the brand to full-scale, and introduced the Toy Lift Seat, which was the first in Korea to be FDA certified.

Toilet Lift Seat (Joeun Lift) is an innovative product that assists the elderly and knee joint patients who cannot move by their own power to take care of themselves in the bathroom without the help of others.

Since it has a horizontal level function and wheels, it is free to install, and it can be installed right next to the bed for critically ill patients, so it is currently being tested in domestic hospitals, nursing homes, and nursing homes.

An official from Jo Eun Care said, “In an emergency, the SOS function is also installed, so you can call your family or caregiver, and as an option, a bidet, battery pack, and mobile toilet (nose mode) can be applied to increase convenience when using the product. And received more praise at the equipment exhibition.”

“Not only the AUTO button that goes up automatically, but also the manual button that can directly adjust the height is made so that there is no inconvenience in using it regardless of the height,” he added.

In addition, through years of research and design, Joeun Care Co., Ltd. has not only saved the robustness of the product, but has already completed domestic patent registration and received EMC certification, and was recognized as a durable product through FDA registration and reliability tests over 10,000 times.

In addition, Joeun Care Co., Ltd. is attracting the attention of the industry by showing the advancement of its technology know-how accumulated through many fairs such as HEALTHCARE in Dubai and REHACARE in Düsseldorf, Germany.

On the other hand, Joeun Care Co., Ltd. is a sales company of CPC Co., Ltd., established in April 2006, and participates in overseas exhibitions 6 to 7 times a year and shows a high purchase rate in recognition of product quality from related companies and buyers. As it was established, it is accelerating the completion of technology.

In February 2020, through the Toilet Lift Seat (Joeun Lift) exhibition at the Seoul Seobuk Auxiliary Equipment Center, we are providing assistive device services suitable to the needs of the disabled, and are striving to become a rehabilitation and welfare device specialist.

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