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Lift Seat

A new and outstanding Experience in “JOEUN” Movable Lift Toilet Seat

This product is a rehabilitation aid that assists the elderly to care for themselves when using the toilet of the elderly, knee joints, or patients with low back, which are difficult to move by their own strength


Even if you have discomfort in your legs or mobility, No need to worry about problems! Tight lift is your It will make using the toilet more convenient.

1,320,000 won (installation fee 30,000 won separately)

  • Developed for the elderly and disabled with knee discomfort Korea’s first assistive device
  • Remote control SOS function available to cope with emergency situations
  • Securing durability to support up to 150kg
  • Convenience of assembly of the body and seat-Pin fixing method, not bolt fastening
  • Easy installation after assembly by applying movable wheels
  • Operate the automatic remote control and set the seat height and angle to suit the user. Easy to use
  • Designed to allow selection of bidet as an option
  • Designed to be able to select a portable toilet (nose mode) as an option
  • Optional optional battery pack for use without power


Innovative and safe tightening lift! Through years of research and design In addition to making the product robust, it is equipped with two motors. The product was manufactured safely.

Porduct name JOEUN LIFT
Model name JL-3000M
Description Automatic toilet seat lift aid
– Weight : 27kg
– Material : PP, PC, SUS304
– Power : Input AC 100-240V
– Size : 680 * 700 * 820
– Lifting angle : 0-20 degrees
Coutry of origin Republic of Korea
Date of
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Manufacturer CPC Co., Ltd.
43, Songjeong-ro 264beon-gil,
Maddo-myeon, Hwaseong-si,
Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
A/S contact 031-443-7783


Joeun Care’s products have been registered as a domestic patent. Patent only Not only EMC certified, FDA registered, and more than 10,000 times Step by step into a robust product through the reliability test of I will approach them.

Innovation prototype
designation certificate

EMC registration certificate

FDA registration certificate

Good Senior Product (GSP) Certificate


Korean Patent Certificate v3 (Lift Seat)

Elderly care sharing foundation agreement

Seongnam Senior-Friendly Experience Center Partnership Partnership Agreement

Product View

Lift degree 0~24 degree
 Safety supporting weight 160kg
Power  Input : AC100V~250V(50/60Hz)
Output : DC29V 2.0A
Material PA6, PP, BMC, SUS304
Function  Automatic & manual lifting
Product size & weight 600*700*810mm (30kg)
Option Bidet, Commode